Disney Series 2 minifigures (71024)

NoDisney Series 2 Minifig Weight
71024-1Vintage Mickey14.30 g
71024-2Vintage Minnie12.35 g
71024-3Huey11.20 g
71024-4Dewey10.20 g
71024-5Louie10.40 g
71024-6Scrooge McDuck11.22 g
71024-7Chip10.10 g
71024-8Dale10.60 g
71024-9Elsa11.50 g
71024-10Anna11.40 g
71024-11Jafar11.53 g
71024-12Jasmine10.00 g
71024-13Hades12.70 g
71024-14Hercules10.70 g
71024-15Sally10.00 g
71024-16Jack Skellington11.20 g
71024-17Edna10.80 g
71024-18Frozone10.83 g

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