Harry Potter minifigures (71022)

NoHP MinifigWeight
71022-1Harry Potter in School Robes11.60 g
71022-2Hermione Granger in School Robes11.65 g
71022-3Ron Weasley in School Robes10.77 g
71022-4Draco Malfoy10.82 g
71022-5Luna Lovegood11.75 g
71022-6Neville Longbottom11.30 g
71022-7Cho Chang12.00 g
71022-8Dean Thomas10.70 g
71022-9Lord Voldemort10.72 g
71022-10Dobby11.25 g
71022-11Professor Trelawney12.25 g
71022-12 Cedric Diggory11.83 g
71022-13Professor Flitwick10.10 g
71022-14Mad-Eye Moody11.50 g
71022-15Albus Dumbledore10.30 g
71022-16Harry Potter in Pajamas 12.13 g
71022-17Newt Scamander12.10 g
71022-18Tina Goldstein11.13 g
71022-19Jacob Kowalski11.50 g
71022-20Queenie Goldstein10.87 g
71022-21Credence Barebone10.10 g
71022-22Percival Graves10.20 g

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