Lego minifigure series 18 (71021) weight

Here are the weights for the Series 18 minifigure (Party). This is the full weight of the closed blind bag. For collectors the Police Officer is the more sought after (but likely the most underwhelming for kids). The Police officer is about 3.7x rarer than the rest (there are still a lot of them around). Using the weight is a pretty efficient method to find it: it’s the lightest, by a significant margin: the Cat Costume Girl is the only one that comes pretty close (but still 0.7g higher).

It’s interesting to see that the two lego brick suits can be differentiated using only their weights: the hairpiece is enough to tilt the balance. Before touching and finding the hair piece, I managed to get 100% accuracy using the scale alone.


No Lego Minifig 18 Weight
71021-1 Elephant Costume Girl 12.05 g
71021-2 Lego Brick Suit Guy 11.58 g
71021-3 Lego Brick Suit Girl 11.7 g
71021-4 Party Clown 11.65 g
71021-5 Firework Guy 12.97 g
71021-6 Birthday Party Girl 13.1 g
71021-7 Dragon Suit Guy 12.45 g
71021-8 1978 Police Officer 10.15 g
71021-9 Spider Suit Boy 12.17 g
71021-10 Cake Guy 15.2 g
71021-11 Cactus Girl 13.5 g
71021-12 Cat Costume Girl 10.83 g
71021-13 Race Car Guy 13.05 g
71021-14 Flowerpot Girl 13.3 g
71021-15 Cowboy Costume Guy 12.13 g
71021-16 Birthday Party Boy 12.77 g
71021-17 Unicorn Guy 11.7 g

Here is the full display:

Minifigure 18 (party) lineup

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