Lego Movie 2 minifigures (71023)

NoLego Movie 2 Minifig Weight
71023-1Awesome Remix Emmet9.66 g
71023-2Battle-Ready Lucy10.40 g
71023-3Apocalypse Benny10.90 g
71023-4Giraffe Guy11.07 g
71023-5Crayon Girl13.60 g
71023-6Sherry Scratchen-Post & Scarfield10.80 g
71023-7Hula Lula10.38 g
71023-8Watermelon Dude12.30 g
71023-9Flashback Lucy10.27 g
71023-10The Swamp Creature9.90 g
71023-11Candy Rapper11.00 g
71023-12Gone Golfin’ President Business9.50 g
71023-13Apocalypseburg Abe10.90 g
71023-14Vest Friend Rex10.70 g
71023-15Kitty Pop11.10 g
71023-16Dorothy Gale & Toto11.50 g
71023-17Cowardly Lion10.40 g
71023-18Scarecrow9.92 g
71023-19Tin Man9.60 g
71023-20Unikitty11.90 g

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